About Taba

Taba Medical Imaging Comprehensive Center

Taba Medical Imaging Center started working in 2004 due to the lack of MRI machines in the province and with the aim of serving our dear fellow provinces by purchasing MRI machines.
In those years, due to the newness of MRI technology and the lack of sufficient knowledge about it and the fear of patients from this technology, the doctors of the center decided to prepare an open MRI machine, which also benefits from the latest technology of its time. and it would reduce the patients’ fear of this technology.
In this way, the first specialized medical imaging center in southern Iran was formed. In 2006, the managers of the center again decided to provide services to the people, this time in the field of CT scan, due to the same weakness in the province. And in a very expensive move, he provided the latest CT Scan 64 slice device from GE company, which is capable of performing various CT angiography, especially of the heart, and at the same time with Tehran and for the first time in Iran, he performed this type of photography He followed the provincial doctors with multi-detector devices.
During these years, the doctors and personnel of the center have always tried to provide the best images, in accordance with international standards and in the size of medical reference books, by learning the latest imaging methods.
In this regard, in 2016, while setting up a comprehensive center and constructing a standard building in all aspects of medical imaging, this group purchased a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine in a building with a large tunnel and no weight restrictions. Also, the CT Scan machine was updated to 128 slices and ASIR technology was launched to reduce the received radiation; To always be the leader in providing the best service in the province.
It should be noted that the fees received in this center are in accordance with the tariffs announced for all centers and the more advanced devices will not bring any extra money for the patients.