About Taba

The story of Taba and the choice of logo

The logo of Taba Medical Imaging Center consists of three parts. On one side, there are feather leaves taken from a lotus flower. This flower was very important in the Achaemenid period and in the structures of Persepolis.

The lotus flower has its roots in the soil and the stem in the water, and its face is towards the sun, which is known as a universal symbol in most of the eastern civilizations. This flower is a symbol of decency, spiritual growth, perfection, the cycle of human birth and growth.
In the center of the logo there is a circle that represents the nucleus of the atom. The other side of the logo is empty and shows the rotation orbit of electrons around the nucleus of the atom.

The name of Taba imaging center is derived from the rays that show the imaging process. The goal of Taba Medical Imaging Center in the following years is to protect the environment and has taken great steps towards the electronicization of services as much as possible and the elimination of paper. Among these things, we can mention the online appointment panel, online response and electronic forms for patients.

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